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Skull Jewellery - Medium Skull Ring


Stephen Einhorn's skull jewellery collection is famous for its unique quality and sculptural beauty. Here you will find real luxury men’s and women’s skull jewellery, including skull rings, skull necklaces, skull bracelets and earrings. Each skull piece is handmade in our London workshop and all our designs can be made in a variety of solid precious metals including silver, gold and platinum. Our unisex skull collection is stylish, rebellious and full of attitude.
Skull Jewellery
Small Skull Ring 9 Carat Rose Gold & Brilliant Cut Diamonds
Medium Skull Ring

“If you’re reading this review and are debating whether or not to go ahead with your choice, just know that Stephen creates items of unique beauty. The skull line are beautiful creations with exquisite levels of design—including suture lines in the skull ring for anatomical accuracy!—while remaining luxury pieces. Stephen hits that sweet spot of luxury, high-end Swiss style performance standards combined with the ragged edge of rebelliousness and creative expression.”

- Chris K, Canada
five stars
Skull Ring Silver
Large Skull Necklace 9 Carat Yellow Gold
Large Skull & Crossbones Pendant Silver

"My skull jewellery collection represents sculptural beauty, mortality and history. I love the grandeur of skulls. The way you can use such a strong striking symbol and make it look approachable, stylish and luxurious, even though normally it’s a symbol of power and danger."

- Stephen Einhorn

Skull Jewellery Press Coverage
Skull Jewellery Press Coverage
Skull Jewellery Press Coverage



Skull Charm 9 Carat Yellow Gold
Small Skull Necklace Silver
Smiling Skull Ring Silver
Small Skull Stud Earrings Yellow Gold
"When you buy one of our pieces you are buying into a great British tradition of craftsmanship. As well as owning something that looks fabulous, it has also been made exclusively for you in our London workshop" - Stephen Einhorn
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