Little Works of Art #1 – The Strawberry Heart Necklace

To inject a little sparkle into these strange times, we’re running a series on some of Stephen Einhorn’s most unusual and exclusive designs. We’ll be talking to Stephen about the inspiration behind them and how he goes about making these Little Works Of Art. No 1 in our series is the ever so shiny Strawberry Heart Necklace with its dazzling 136 brilliant cut rubies.

Where do you start when you’re designing something like this?

Sometimes when I’m designing something I have a very strong idea of where I’m going. I’ve got an idea in my head, and I’ll go forward and do that. The other thing I always do is just start sketching. I’ll do a million variations and gradually one of them will reveal itself and I’ll develop it. This design was like that. I knew I wanted to make something big, something really showy, something using pavé (lots of small gemstones across the surface of the piece). I’m always experimenting, trying out new techniques and then seeing how I can employ those in a special piece of jewellery. So I started playing around with shapes and sizes of a heart. There are so many little decisions to make. If you start with a wider shape at the top for instance the whole perspective of the shape is instantly mapped out. That’s what makes it feel really alive.

Why a heart?

Well. it’s a very obvious symbol, but I wanted to make it my own. There’s that meeting of the classic and the contemporary that’s in a lot of my work. It’s all the little details. The bale (the loop that attaches the heart to the chain) is really smooth and clean and sleek – that feels very modern. And the details of the chain – there’s nothing flowery about it. It’s quite a solid chain that the pendant will run really nicely on. And there’s the back which has that cut out pattern with those radiating circles to give it a kind of energy. I wanted the back to be as beautiful as the front, to have a slight filigree feel to it.

A white gold necklace in the shape of a heart, back view with a concentric pattern of holes and the Stephen Einhorn hand print logo in the middle

The back view has a stylish pattern of drilled out concentric circles radiating out from Stephen Einhorn’s trademark handprint.

How do you get it so sparkly?

I used some really sparkly stones! But it’s more complicated than that. They are all matched. So we had to choose from hundreds of stones to get the right colour match across all of them. And it’s got this curved surface so each of those little facets has to match up with the curve, to give it that smooth shape and a really consistent sparkle. I love things that are hard to make!

Why did you choose rubies?

The colour of course, which is so deep and rich. And they’re also really hard. They’re 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness (diamonds are 10). If I’d made it out of emeralds it would have looked fantastic but it wouldn’t have had the longevity. Rubies do – they’re really tough. I love to work with materials that have a toughness to them. Its the same with white gold – it’s 18 carat, and that’s as tough as anything. I love the pure colour of it, and it really shows off the rubies. But it’s also one of the toughest things you can work with. It’s got palladium in it, which gives it its colour but also the hardness.

The 136 rubies studded across the front of the heart all needed their facets carefully aligning to keep them sparkling from every angle

That toughness, even where the design looks very delicate, that’s really important to you…

Absolutely. I want to make something that feels like it will last even longer than you will. That way it’s something you can really treasure. If you were going to buy this necklace you’d pass it on, it’d become an heirloom. I love to think about my customers’ descendants owning and wearing it, with all the special feelings that engenders.

I’ve always loved the idea that one day my stuff would eventually end up on the Antiques Roadshow, and it would be a ‘genuine’ stephen Einhorn design, the presenter would be really pleased to find our recognisable hallmark on it, and they would talk about the history of our workshop, and absolutely guarantee that its a genuine handmade piece from us. There’s this sense of jewellery as something that’s at once deeply personal, but that will also outlast us, I find that a really exciting thing to be a part of.

So when you make something you have a kind of fantasy about what happens to it afterwards?

Yes! I mean, when someone buys it, hopefully they’ll send us a picture. It’s great to see someone wearing something you’ve made. And something like that you’d probably wear to a particular event, so that would be exciting to hear about. When someone buys anything it’s instant gratification, it’s the best thing ever! It goes in the shop and someone goes “I really love that, I’m going to buy it.” Then it becomes part of someone’s life, part of their story. And that is such a gratifying thought.

See the Strawberry Heart in Our Shop

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Finally it’s a Leap Year!

Tradition is not really what we are about here at Stephen Einhorn. We like to do things our own way and think a bit differently, and we like customers who do the same. But there are a few traditions that are a bit of fun. Valentines, what’s not to love? Christmas gifts, yes please. And this year we get one that only happens every four years: the leap year.

Now we are very much advocates for equality: women and men proposing to each other with gay abandon on any day, but back when it was not the done thing for women to propose to their loved ones (and very much not the done thing to be a same sex couple), the leap year provided a way out, and that way out came from the Emerald Isle. According to some narratives, St Brigid struck a deal with St Patrick to allow women to propose to men, but only on one day every four years. What started in Ireland has spread across the globe, often referred to as Bachelor’s Day,? empowering women to take matters of the heart into their own hands.

Hands, of course, are quite important if you are going to wear an engagement ring, and this is where the slightly less palatable ‘Twelve Pairs of Gloves’ comes in. If a man refused a proposal, tradition dictated he give his spurned lover twelve pairs of gloves to hide the shame of her naked ring finger. Of course it is also a cunning way of getting some beautiful new leather goods. Make mine red leather.

We don’t think you need permission to propose. Whether you do it on a mountaintop, a supermarket queue, or over a curry, we design for individuals who do things their way. But if you want to nod to convention, we can help you do it unconventionally, with our ranges of unusual, elegant, and classic designs. Take that tradition and make it your own. Go on, it’s just a bit of fun, after all.

Check out our suggestions below.

This Enamel and Silver ring is very popular and will win the hardest of hearts.

Or our Bright Light Engagement ring in rose gold with a back diamond! Oooohhhh!

We have a large collection of Unisex? Engagement rings just make your pick and do it!

?(Everything is Unisex here because we make it ourselves and we can make anything in any size.)

If your future spouse is a bit alternative?please follow this link. We sell a lot of Skull rings for weddings and as engagement rings

And don’t forget the leap babies. They only get one birthday every four years so make it a special one.

This page might be helpful…

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Stephen Einhorn is an ethical & sustainable jewellery brand, but what does this mean?

In the first month of the new decade we are ever mindful of sustainability and what we can do as a company to maintain this moving forward. Leading scientists across the globe have declared a climate emergency and looking after our environment is something we have always taken seriously.

Bespoke Solitaire Engagement Ring in Platinum & 2ct Brilliant Cut Diamond With Diamond Shoulders - Stephen Einhorn London

Stephen Einhorn is an ethical & sustainable jewellery brand, but what does that mean?

We are an ethical, sustainable company, but what does this really mean?

Well, it means that our working practices are not detrimental to the planet or its people. It means that the products we make do not contribute to landfill or harm current or future generations. Ultimately, it is about the cost of the item you are buying, and we don’t mean money (although that is relevant – we’ll get to that later), we mean the cost to the environment, the society you are part of, the people that work directly with the item and those who work with the materials it’s made from.

Ethical Jewellery Brand - Stephen Einhorn London Jewellery Workshop

Stephen Einhorn London Jewellery Workshop

So what does it mean when a customer buys from an ethical and sustainable company?

A few things. That the people who made your item – in our case jewellery – are treated well. They are highly skilled craftspeople who are regularly sent on courses to improve and refresh their skills. We don’t out-source to other countries with cheap labour. We make everything here in our London workshops. Staff are paid fair wages, are treated with decency and respect, have a pleasant and compassionate work environment and plenty of good fairtrade tea and coffee on tap! We have employees who have stayed with us for over a decade so you can be sure our staff are happy and looked after. It probably means you pay a bit more for your piece of jewellery. Because there’s a cost to alleviating the environmental and societal cost. Your heirloom is worth every penny. It also, of course, means that the materials we use are ethical.

Stephen Einhorn co-founder Jane Best

Stephen Einhorn co-founder Jane Best

And are gold and silver ethical?

This is more complicated. Gold and silver are metals so they have to be mined from the earth. To limit the damage this causes the best thing to do is buy recycled and reclaimed metals, and that is exactly what we use here. The precious metals we use have been in circulation for decades, so we are not harming the planet by using them. Not only that but we also offer certified Fairtrade Gold which actively benefits the communities who work with it.

Stephen Einhorn 9ct Fairtrade Gold Hummingbird Charm

Stephen Einhorn 9ct Fairtrade Gold Hummingbird Charm

How about the stones in jewellery, are they ethical?

We only work with conflict-free diamonds which are certified by the Kimberley process and can be traced back to the cutting centre where they were taken after being sealed into tamper-proof containers in accordance with this UN ratified treaty. Another option we offer to customers is Canadian diamonds which come from government-controlled mines and can be traced right back to the source. We work very closely with our trusted gemstone dealers to ensure that the other stones we use such as sapphires and rubies come from sustainable sources. We will not use Burmese rubies, for example, because of the human rights abuses currently being perpetrated against the Rohingya people.

Stephen Einhorn Diamonds

How is quality and design linked to ethics and sustainability?

This is really what is at the heart of our company. It is not ethical, or sustainable, to produce and purchase disposable fashions and costume jewellery. They end up in landfill and contribute to the throw-away culture we desperately need to eschew. We make jewellery of the highest quality, each piece expertly designed here at Stephen Einhorn, made to last and be treasured by generations to come.

Stephen Einhorn Unisex Geo Eternity Ring

We are not interested in consumerism for its own sake. We want to put beautiful, well-made things into the world which enhance and enrich the lives of our customers and staff. That is what a Stephen Einhorn piece is all about. This is why we offer a free yearly re-vamp service, so you don’t ever need to replace your beloved jewellery: we keep it looking its very best so you can take pride in it every day.

Stephen Einhorn Free Yearly Re-vamp Service

Is that it?

Nope. Being an ethical company isn’t just about the staff, or the products, it’s a philosophy. We buy recycled loo paper (thank you Who Gives a Crap), we shop locally (Monte’s for coffee, Belle Epoque for team-meeting pastries), we use Ecover cleaning products and recycle as much as our local council will allow. We aren’t perfect, but we are always striving to do better.

Our beautiful gift packaging is almost 100% recycled and recyclable, just the inners have to be removed and we are working on that too. It has taken a while to find a company to do this for us and we are proud, we kept at it. We support local charities like The Little Angel Theatre and Freightliners Islington City Farm, donate raffle prizes for local schools and have long been supporters of the Elton John Foundation and National Aids Trust.

Stephen Einhorn Gift Packaging

So what does buying a Stephen Einhorn piece of jewellery mean?

When you buy a piece of jewellery from us you can be sure you are buying from a company which has considered its ethical credentials from every angle. Where the staff are happy, the local community are served, the environment is not being filled with unnecessary pollutants and your fabulous piece of jewellery has been made with sustainable materials and practices. And will last a lifetime. You really can’t say fairer than that.

Stephen Einhorn London Jewellery Workshop

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Stephen Einhorn Signet ring worn by Russel Tovey in Wylde Magazine

Russell Tovey wearing Stephen Einhorn classic Signet ring

Coffee time? Current Wylde MAN magazine cover star and super talent that is Russell Tovey wearing our classic Signet ring.

Russell Tovey on the cover of Wylde Man Magazine wearing Stephen Einhorn classic Signet ring

Our Signet ring is a true modern classic, handcrafted in our London workshops in a variety of precious metal options including solid sterling silver and gold. This unique signet ring has a wonderful comfort fit and is perfect for men and women, and yes it is an ideal gift. You also have the option of having it engraved and personalised with initials, a date or special message. *If you’d like to add a unique motif or bespoke initials engraving to this design please contact us at or call us on +44 (0) 20 7359 4977 for further information and prices.

Stephen Einhorn Signet ring

Russell Tovey wearing Stephen Einhorn Signet Ring

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Our Heavy Link necklace worn by Robert Pattinson in Esquire Magazine

Robert Pattinson looking both cool and cosy wearing our Heavy Link necklace (look very very close!) in the current issue of Esquire magazine.

Robert Pattinson Wearing Stephen Einhorn Heavy Link Necklace in Esquire Magazine

Our Heavy Link necklace is quite unusual and beautifully made. It’s hard to find sophisticated yet chunky chains, but here’s one! Perfect for men and women this design is handmade in our London workshop in solid silver. It comes in two different lengths – medium 44cm and large 52cm and features our signature clasp.

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The History & The Enduring Style of Signet Rings

First published April 3rd 2017. Updated September 5th 2019.

The signet ring is named after the French signét for ‘small seal’ and the Latin signetum meaning ‘sign.’ Signet rings have been used throughout history to create a signature for the wearer, impressing a seal into wax or clay and leaving a unique mark that was considered binding. If a gentleman’s word is his bond, the signet proved the authenticity of that bond, and it looked damn fine doing it.

The history of the signet ring

Signet Rings Have A Long History

The use of signet rings dates back at least as far as ancient Egypt and can be seen from their discovery in some prominent tombs, also in Mesopotamia dating 3500 BC when people first started using them to authenticate business deals and documents. There are also multiple references to seals in the Bible which many historians surmise are signet rings. People in medieval times used signet rings to sign and seal documents and the practice became even more legitimised when King Edward II ascended to the throne of England in 1307 and declared that all official government documents had to be sealed with the King’s signet.

Bespoke 3D Seal Engraved Signet Ring Guide Price 9 Carat Yellow Gold & Custom Debossed 3D Engraving

Stephen Einhorn Bespoke 3D Seal Engraved Gold Signet Ring

Such illustrious signet rings bore the crests or emblems of the family of the wearer. They were a way not only to sign a document but to demonstrate your heritage. Only the most distinguished of families had a crest of their own to wear on a signet ring. Rings were not merely signifiers of family membership, they were also adopted by clubs and societies, each member identified by a flash of jewellery. In modern times when the rings are no longer used in an official capacity they are still often the mark of belonging and men and women alike will wear their family crests, even if they have no intention of pressing them into wax. In fact signet rings today are not always created with a design in relief or raised for the purposes of a seal, designers such as Stephen Einhorn can be far more imaginative in the way they represent someone’s crest or symbol because they are not constrained by functionality. Signet rings can be made in two-tone precious metals such as contrasting golds, set with pavé stones or enamelled to create a coloured design.

Famous Wearers of The Signet Ring

Famous Wearers of The Signet Ring

Famous wearers of the signet ring include?Steve McQueen, Michael Caine, Frank Sinatra, Prince Charles, Mercedes de Acosta and Sir Winston Churchill who was never seen without his solid gold ring. Add to this list a number of fictional icons such as the man from U.N.C.L.E. and several of James Bond’s more stylish adversaries. Even The Green Lantern of DC Comics fame sports his own symbol on a signet ring.

Traditionally signet rings were passed down the family line: ancient heirlooms, nowadays traditions can be alluded to, as new heirlooms, like this set of bespoke family signet rings, are commissioned and created.? Wearers of the modern, contemporary style of signet ring can be seen in hipster bars and country pubs, pushing swings in the playground and pushing pens in the boardroom. These rings can sport a newly designed crest or be used to bring to life an old one, they can commemorate years of service to a cause or to a company, or even a new beginning.

Stephen Einhorn Bespoke Family Crest Familias Signet Ring 18ct Yellow Gold, Light Blue & Brown Enamel

Stephen Einhorn Bespoke Family Crest Familias Signet Rings in 18ct Yellow Gold, Light Blue & Brown Enamel

Where Should You Wear Your Signet Ring?

Is there a particular finger it should grace? The simple answer, of course, is no. Just as the ring can be designed to the wearer’s exact specifications, it can also be worn on the finger of their choosing. Signet rings can be seen on pinkie fingers of both hands, on ring and index fingers, even thumbs. Traditionally since the Middle Ages they were worn on the pinkie, or little finger, on the non-dominant hand (so on the left hand if right-handed) making rolling in the wax used to form a seal possible without removing the ring. Now, though, rings are worn to replace wedding bands, as statement rings and teamed with contrasting jewellery for both men and women.

Stephen Einhorn Oval Signet Ring in Yellow Gold

The Allure of The Signet Ring

Combining style and sophistication with legitimacy and gravitas, the signet ring is a unique piece of jewellery. Stephen Einhorn has always been particularly drawn towards signet rings, combining as they do his two passions for classic design and functionality. After all, what could be better than something that is not only beautiful, but could enable the wearer to leave their mark on the world? If you’re looking for a statement ring with a modern design aesthetic, the signet ring is it. And who knows, it may even give you the impetus to start that secret society you’ve always longed for. No ring, no entry. It’s all about exclusivity, after all.

Singet Ring Style - Men's Style - Stephen Einhorn London

You?can read more about our Signet jewellery collection and shop all our designs online or visit our London shop.

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What is the September birthstone?

Originally published September 5th 2018. Edited and reposted Friday 30th August 2019.

Stephen Einhorn Bespoke Flower Pendant Necklace 9ct White Gold, Diamonds & Blue Sapphires

Sapphire: the September birthstone

Just as all that glitters is not gold, not every stone named for its blue colour is actually blue. Sapphires, named after the ancient Greek and Latin for blue, come in a range of colours from violet through orange and pink to grey and green, making them a gorgeously versatile gemstone for those lucky things born in September.

These non-blue sapphires are known as ‘fancy’ and come in a breath-taking variety of shades. In fact, the ruby is the same mineral as sapphire (corundum) but it has its own name to differentiate it from the reddish/pink hues of fancy sapphires. The most desired blue sapphire is ‘Cornflower Blue,’ a beautiful deep mid blue, which, nestled into a gold or platinum setting really draws the eye.

Sapphire Sky by?Henrieta Angel

Sapphire meaning and history

Sapphires have, in fact, long been desired. The Ancient Persians believed the sky was painted blue by their reflection and treasured them as holy stones. Many religions thought the colour represented the heavens, and ancient kings wore them as a defence against harm. Worn by film stars and royalty alike, these stones take millions, even billions of years to form, and represent a tiny piece of mesmerising history. They form in the earth and reflect the skies. What more could you wish for in a birthstone?

Stephen Einhorn Liquid Slim Cufflinks 9 Carat Yellow Gold & Brilliant Cut Blue Sapphires

September birthstone jewellery

Whether you are looking for a sapphire ring, a pair of earrings, a necklace dangling elegantly at the nape of your neck or a pair of cufflinks with some stones set into them, we have something for you or your beloved. Have a look at our sapphire: September birthstone jewellery collection. In fact simply have a look at our collection: anything you see can be customised with a sapphire of your choice, any stone changed for a stone which celebrates you or someone you love.

Stephen Einhorn Oval Halo Ring 18 Carat White Gold & Oval Cut Blue Sapphire

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15% off for all key workers at Stephen Einhorn. We salute you!

Key workers we salute you!

We all love our emergency services. Whenever something goes horribly wrong, we simply pick up our phones and dial 999 without giving the people who respond to the accident a second thought. They have dedicated their lives to helping others. They put themselves in danger every day. They often take abuse from an ungrateful public who don’t realise how lucky they are to have them just a phone call away. As well as the emergency services there are other key workers who are as equally important. Teachers, social workers, care workers, the armed forces and many other support services that we couldn’t do without.

Key workers 15% off jewellery at Stephen Einhorn London

We salute you all. And as a big thank you from us we would like to offer every single key worker a discount of 15% off anything that they buy in our shop or online*. If you’re shopping in-store please bring relevant photo ID and if you’re shopping online please email your photo ID to our shop email and we will provide you with a unique code that you can use. Please note that the card you use to pay will need to be the same name as what is on your photo ID.

*Offer for UK residents only. Can’t be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount and can’t be applied to engraving or jewellery re-vamps.

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Students from the Chelsea Academy visit our London jewellery workshop

Alice, one of our jewellers setting a diamond into one of our designs

Last Tuesday we had a school visit from the Chelsea Academy, an outstanding Academy in South West London, as part of the Walpole’s Luxury in the Making Schools Programme. We are enthusiastic supporters of anything that gets our schoolchildren interested in the art of making things. We do love passing our knowledge on and if we can enthuse some school children and encourage them to get involved in our industry then even better.

Chelsea Academy visit British jeweller Stephen Einhorn as part of the Walpole’s Luxury in the Making Schools Programme.

We desperately need skilled craftspeople in this country and the only way we are going to have them is if we pass our skills on. We gave them a small overview of our company. Explained that running a business was all about raising your profile so that people know about you, not just making things (the bit we like best) and using social media.

Students from the Chelsea Academy learning about making jewellery

We then moved into the workshop where our workshop manager Gerry showed the students how to make a simple ring by shaping a bit of silver wire, then soldering it and polishing it with a bit of annealing along the way. After that, Alice one of our skilled jewellers set a diamond in a silver heart for them, so they could see how we set stones. The trouble is our jewellers always make it look so easy… The students all had a turn looking through her microscope. Finally, we engraved something for them with their school name on it. We really enjoyed their visit and hope they got something out of it too.

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Unique gifts for Father’s Day 2019

Like Father Like Son

Ah Father’s Day. The day to thank your dad for teaching you to ride a bike and watch football, bake a pie and darn your socks.

So who celebrates Father’s Day? That’s easy. Anyone with a father. Whether that’s your biological father, adopted, honorary, gay, trans… If you are a father to somebody then you should be celebrated. There is even a tradition of Father’s Day gifts from bump: the nearly Father’s Day present. And when is Father’s Day 2019? It’s soon, people! Sunday 16th June. But relax. We’ve got you covered.

Where does Father’s Day come from?

First things first, it’s good to know what you are celebrating. Contrary to popular belief, the day was not manufactured by greetings cards companies to optimise sales. In fact the tradition of honouring fathers dates back to the Middle Ages and Catholicism, where they were commemorated in the feast day of St Joseph. Our modern, secular version is often attributed to two single celebrations in the US: that mounted in 1908 by Grace Clayton, and in 1910 by Sonora Smart Dodd. Here in the UK, it has been celebrated since some time after the Second World War.

First Father’s Day gifts

The very first Father’s Day is the biggie, marking a turning point in someone’s life. This is also one of the last ones where the child has absolutely no say in the choice of a present so it’s the perfect opportunity to embrace your grown-up side. A tie pin or money clip, or perhaps a pendant or engravable signet ring. It’s one to treasure when you’re sitting in an empty teenager’s bedroom wondering where that tiny little ball of noise has gone.

Stephen Einhorn Oval Tie & Lapel Pin in Silver

Personalised and Bespoke Father’s Day gifts

Every father is different, and personalising the gift for them is a great way of showing that. For us, personalisation is key. We have created a whole host of meaningful and timeless gifts. We have made a men’s lockets with a lock of their child’s hair inside, made a bespoke pair of Monkey and Chick cufflinks (monkey and chick are the nicknames of their two children), and made a drawing into a three-dimensional charm to hang on a neck chain. Father’s Day jewellery gifts can be as traditional or as unconventional as you like.

Stephen Einhorn Bespoke Monkey & Chick Cufflinks in Solid Sterling Silver

Engravable jewellery

Engraving is another fantastic way to personalise something for the father in your life. Engraving pendants or wrist cuffs with a date of birth, a first word, or a child’s name is a lovely way to commemorate the relationship between a father and child. Engraving is also a great way to take a very masculine piece of jewellery and add a secret, sentimental touch.

Stephen Einhorn Engravable Times Square Cufflinks in Silver

Just something fabulous to show you we love you

There are no hard and fast rules about what you should buy for the dad in your life. Whether you are an adult buying for a father, or a partner buying for a co-parent, you just want to make someone feel loved, and thought about. A Skull ring because that’s their style. A leather bracelet to match their biker jacket, or a silver bangle to casually shake out of the end of a suit sleeve.

Plain Leather Snap Bracelet in Silver & Blue Woven Leather

Anything to make someone feel appreciated and special is key, no matter how big or small is key. And don’t forget breakfast in bed!

Shop all our unique Father’s Day gift ideas here.

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